An interdisciplinary program from the Colleges of Agriculture and Education, Health and Human Development.


Students in all four SFBS options (Food Systems, Crop Production, Agroecology, and Livestock Production) take a core curriculum of six courses designed to provide broad exposure to key principles of sustainable food and bioenergy systems.In addition, coursework in each option is specifically designed to create more detailed and subject-specific knowledge in your area of specialization. Students take complementary coursework in political science, economics, business, Native American studies, and engineering. Two internships allow you to gain exposure to 1) hands-on learning in market garden agronomy and food distribution, and 2) an in-depth internship with an experienced mentor in your chosen career field. 

What can you do with a degree in Sustainable Crop Production?

Occupations include:

  • Farming
  • Food production
  • Food Science
  • Research
  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural Inspector

Sustainable Crop Production Curriculum (per MSU catalog)

Crop Production Program

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