Biotechnology Program at Montana State University 

Rapid changes in the biotechnology industry have occurred as a result of molecular, genetic and cell biological techniques. Students working in the field of biotechnology emphasize both molecular and cellular biological concepts and associated techniques to address problems facing plant, animal or microbial production systems. A strong foundation is developed through coursework in chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, genetics, and allied sciences during the first two years of the program (College of Agriculture). During the third and fourth years, students select an option: Plant Biotechnology (in PSPP), Animal Systems (in VMB) and Microbial Systems (in Microbiology).

What can you do with a degree in a Biotechnology Program?biotech pic final
Occupations include:

  • technical positions with the biotechnology industry
  • university, state, and federal research or regulatory agencies
  • graduate degrees or professional degrees in medical or veterinary schools

Biotechnology- General Curriculum - First 2 years(per MSU catalog)

Biotechnology Program

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