Student Employment

Paid employment while a student is readily available within research labs within the Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology.

For a list of PSPP faculty and their research intersts, please visit the faculty webpage. You are encouraged to contact faculty directly regarding any research opportunities that may be available in his/her lab.


Internship Guidelines and Procedures
Internships are a great opportunity for students to put the skills they have learned in the classroom to use. They offer hands-on experience and knowledge and training that can only be obtained "on the job."

It is up to students to inquire about research opportunities on campus from instructors and faculty teaching courses that they find particularly interesting. As such, there is no formal internships but only those opportunities the students seek themselves. Typically, there is much opportunity for the student who earnestly seeks it. 


The College of Agriculture also lists many scholarships, some eligible to plant systems students. To access scholarships through the College of Agriculture (COA), visit their website. The application deadline for all COA scholarships is February 1. Submission is open mid-December.

Thousands of dollars are awarded each year to students in the Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology Department. Scholarships come from a wide variety of sources, from individuals to corporations, each with their own requirements.

Scholarships to conduct research in a lab are available from Montana State University’s Undergraduate Scholars Program.