students looking at plants in a greenhouse Undergraduate students in Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology inspect species in a departmental horticulture lab, in the university's Plant Growth Center, located in the campus core. 


Our faculty is involved in both teaching and research which gives students the benefit of hands on experience in the laboratory in addition to their time in the classroom. We excel in designing a program of study that will meet each student's needs and prepare them for a professional career. 

The Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology offers a rich, diverse curriculum taught by award-winning researchers and supplemented by world-class facilities. As a student of Plant Science and Plant Pathology, you will have the opportunity to influence the future of crop production, play an essential role in maintaining the nation's food supply, develop new technology to manage crop pests, and study the genetics of crops to influence their management and quality. Finally, nearly every one of our programs offers hands-on research and internship experiences. You'll learn as much out of the classroom as in the classrom.  


Undergraduate Programs 



Plant Science

Crop Science
Plant Biology


Plant Biotechnology

Environmental Horticulture Science

Environmental Horticulture Science
Landscape Design 

Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems

Sustainable Crop Production 



To learn about the scholarships that are available through the College of Agriculture, please visit College of Agriculture Scholarships. There are a variety of scholarships available and we encourage undergraduates in the Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology Department to apply.