The Plant Science and Plant Pathology (PSPP) Department at Montana State University considers the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff to be a strength and critical to our educational, outreach and research mission. Dimensions of diversity can include sex, race, age, nationality, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, intellectual and physical ability, sexual orientation, income, faith and non-faith perspectives, creed, socio-economic status, political ideology, education, primary language, family status, military experience, cognitive, and communication style. The individual intersection of these experiences and characteristics are valued in our community. PSPP expects every member of the department to contribute to cultivating an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful culture for all in our classrooms, work environments, and at all department events. At PSPP, we continuously seek to attract and retain faculty, students, and staff that foster building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment as we work towards sustainable food systems and natural resources through research and education. If your experiences within the department (including academic research, or extension activities) result in barriers to your inclusion, inaccurate assessment of achievement or marginalization (including micro- and macroaggressions), please notify the Department Head or Graduate Committee Chair as soon as possible and/or contact the College of Ag Academic Diversity partner, who can help you navigate available resources.