Emeriti Faculty


Phil Bruckner

Winter wheat breeding and  genetics


Cathy Cripps



Florence Dunkel

Insights from 41 years of research in Africa/China with Indigenous farmers and Montana Native Americans:  informed her 5th book, Incorporating Cultures Role in the Food and Agricultural Sciences;  created an innovative curriculum (Expansive Collaborative) based on holistic process; mentored intensively, scientists, students. Passions in entomological research continue focusing on food security, normalizing insects as sustainable protein, managing insects with natural plant products suggested by Indigenous Knowledge.

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Barry Jacobsen

My former research and extension program involved development of integrated disease management strategies and IPM programs for crops grown in Montana with emphasis on potatoes and sugar beets. The ecology and epidemiology of plant pathogens and biocontrol organisms is of particular interest as is grain storage pathology.  

Jack Martin

Jack Martin

My interests include the a pplication of quantitative genetic principles and methods in cultivar and germplasm development. Approach includes use of molecular markers and classical biometrical methods. Specific projects center on identification of quantitative trait loci effecting wheat end-use quality and agronomic traits.

   314 LJH
Don Mathre

Don Mathre

My research focused on soilborne diseases with major emphasis on diseases of small grain cereals. 

Jack Riesselman

Jack Riesselman

My research focused on testing new technology prior to utilization by Montana producers, fungicide and variety testing, sustainability of agricultural systems, and integrated approaches of disease control.


David Sands

Plant Pathology, Bacteriology, Biocontrol, Nutritious Crops, Bioprecip


Robert Sharrock

Plant developmental genetics

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John Sherwood

My research focused on developing an understanding of the molecular genetic basis of plant-fungal pathogen interactions in order to develop novel strategies for controlling fungal pathogens. 

Gary Strobel

Gary Strobel

My work focuses on the endophytic fungus, Gliocladium roseum, that he discovered in Patagonia. Gliocladium roseum has been shown to produce many of the same hydrocarbons found in diesel fuel.

   315 PBB

Luther Talbert

Spring wheat breeding and genetics

Norman Weeden

Norman Weeden

My interests involve the genetic studies in pulse crops, primarily pea and lentil but also including comparisons with chickpea, common bean, cowpea and lupine. I am particularly interested in developing DNA markers and applying marker assisted selection techniques to pea varietal improvement. 

   315 PBB

Mark Young

My research interests are in the isolation and molecular characterization of archaeal viruses, the study of bacteriophage associated with the human gut microbiome and their role in human health and disease, and the design of synthetic viruses.