Assessment reports are to be submitted annually to report assessment activities and results by program. The reports are due every summer with a deadline of September 15th each year. The use of this template is entirely optional. Note: These reports have been required by MSU policy since 2004.

1.  What Was Done

Leadership for Crop Science concentration changed in April due to the retirement of the past faculty advisor, Dr. Jack Martin. The new faculty advisor Dr. Alan Dyer along with the new co-leader Dr. Mac Burges will initiate program assessments starting this fall. A plan for assessing the Crop Science option was completed in May 2017.


2.  What Data Were Collected

Key courses in the Crop Science option were identified for evaluating the outcomes for the program.


3.  What Was Learned

Student Outcome Performance as well as Crop Science Program Performance will be compiled and distributed to core faculty prior to Core Faculty Meeting. At the meeting, core faculty will discuss the assessments and provide additional input with regards to program performance as well as recommendations with regards to program needs.


4.  How We Responded

The latter may include curriculum and content adjustments, alternate course substitutions, and augmented instruction (Invited Speakers, Extracurricular Instruction, and Student Organization). The program leaders will combine a final student outcome performance, Crop Science program performance and the program response to identified needs into an Annual Crop Science Assessment submitted to the Provost’s Office in the PSPP Department’s Annual Assessment Activities report.


Download the original Assessment Report document (PDF)