Q:  Do I have to retake required courses if I get a grade lower than I would like?

 A.   If you pass the course, you do not need to retake it unless a certain grade is specifically required, eg. writing (WRIT 121) or math core, in which a C- or better is required. If you fail a course required for your major, you must take it again.

 Q:  If I retake a course, will my old grade still count?

 A:  Only the most recent grade will be used to compute your GPA and count for your credit total, but the course and each grade will be listed on your transcript every time you take it.

 Q:  How do I go about looking for a job or someplace to do research?

 A:  Plant Sciences has a list of labs that will hire students for research on the PSPP web page.

 Q: What are some appropriate and good core classes for humanities, social sciences, fine arts, global?

 A: The following are highly recommended core classes for landscape design students: 

FINE ARTS: ARCH 121F - Introduction to Design, ART 114F – Art Fundamentals, ART 238F Representational Drawing, MTA 103F Understanding Photography. 

HUMANITIES: HSTR 101 &102 Western Civ., NAS 320 & 340 American Indian Religions & Literature, PHL 110 Good & Evil.

SOCIAL SCIENCES: ANTH 101 Intro Anthropology, ECNS 101 Economic Thinking, ECNS 102 Macroeconomics, GPHY 141 World Geography, NAS 100 Introduction to Native American Studies, PSCI 210 Government of US, PSYX 100 Intro Psychology, SOCI 101 Intro Sociology.

 Q: What courses must be C grade or higher?

 A: Only the required core classes must be C or higher.  They include writing, math, and verbal core classes.  For all others, a D is a passing grade, but a 2.0 gpa is required for graduation.

 Q: How and when do I formally apply for graduation?

 A: Application for graduation forms must be filed by the student one year in advance of graduating.  See your advisor to be sure your program of study is finalized and obtain the necessary paperwork.

 Q: What's the best sequence for my science and math requirements?

 A: Students with weak math skills should take the math placement test to determine in which level of math to start.  It's always best to be confident with math prior to taking other science courses.  Students will do better in Chemistry if they are secure with mathematics.  Generally follow the 100 level course before moving on to 200 level classes.

 Q: How do I apply for an internship and how many credits is it worth?

 A: Tracy Dougher is currently the department contact for horticulture internships (PSPP 476). The intership appication is available on our horticulture page.  A summer or semester-long internship is usually worth 2-6 credits.

 Q: What classes offer CLEP exams and are any courses available on-line or as correspondence courses?

 A: Courses offering CLEP exams are listed in the catalog.  The only one the PSPP department offers is for PSPP 102 Plant Science, Resources and Environment.

 Q: If a course is listed and restricted entry, how do I enroll?

 A: Restricted entry courses require that the student physically go to the department that offers the course.  They will enroll you there or provide the appropriate paper work for enrollment.

 Q: Is there a student club?

 A: Yes, there is a Horticulture Club.  It usually meets once per month. Notices will be posted as to meeting times and places.  The general information bulletin boards L. Johnson Hall 3rd floor corridor and the bulletin boards in the Plant Growth Center lounge will keep you informed. Announcements are also made in horticulture classes.