2023 Pure Live Seed (PLS) Price List

Prices for plant materials produced at Bridger Plant Materials Center have been established by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Montana Foundation Seed Program. No more than 200 pounds of pure live seed (PLS) of any one species per year will be allocated on an individual request. All prices are subject to change and due on receipt of invoice from Montana Foundation Seed Program.  Please place your orders before April 15th.  After April 15, shipment times may increase and species availability may be limited.

2023 MTPMC Foundation Seed Prices

Release  Species 2023 Price (PLS)
Native Grasses, Native Forbs, and Native Woody Plants
Trailhead Basin (Giant) wildrye $15.00
Washoe Basin (Giant) wildrye $15.00
Opportunity Nevada bluegrass $17.00
High Plains Sandberg bluegrass $17.00
Critana Thickspike wheatgrass $15.00
Pryor Slender wheatgrass $10.00
Copperhead Slender wheatgrass $12.00
Rosana Western wheatgrass $16.00
Goshen Prairie sandreed $22.00
Rimrock Indian ricegrass $12.00
Wytana Fourwing saltbush Discountinue in 2022
Antelope Slender white prairieclover $42.00
Old Works Fuzzytongue penstemon $80.00
Stillwater Prairie coneflower $22.00
Stucky Ridge Silverleaf phacelia $100.00
Great Northern Western yarrow $22.00
Meriwether Blanketflower $22.00
Spirit Sweetgrass $3/sprig, min order $100
Ekalaka Bur oak $10.00
Prospectors Common snowberry Inquire
Trapper Western snowberry $75.00
Mill Creek Silver buffaloberry $75.00
Bridger-Select Rocky Mountain juniper $145.00
Hunter Ponderosa pine $60.00
Lutana Cicer milkvetch $10.00
Introduced Grasses
Garrison Creeping foxtail $14.00
Shoshone Manystem wildrye $30.00


USDA-NRCS Bridger Plant Materials Center, 98 South River Road, Bridger MT 59014
Manager: Charles Eckman, (406) 662-3579 x 101, Email: Charles.eckman@usda.gov

Other Contacts

Monica Pokorny Plant Materials Specialist, Bozeman MT (406) 587-6708 Monica.Pokorny@usda.gov
Edward Bahm Plant Materials Specialist, Bismarck ND (701) 989-6122 Edward.Bahm@usda.gov