The MSU Foundation Seed program provides foundation seed to statewide producer partners, primarily from the university’s spring and winter wheat and barley breeding programs in addition to oats, safflower, peas and lentils. We are an extension of MSU’s breeding programs and strive to increase recommended varieties with the assurance of genetic purity and quality standards.

Seed varieties are developed based on the needs of Montana growers facing climate, pest and soil challenges in the diverse agro-ecosystems of the state. The university responds with varieties specifically bred and adapted to meet these challenges, initially released as MAES varieties in the foundation stage of production.

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The Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology and the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee are pleased to announce that BranDee Johnston has been hired as the MSU Crop Variety Promotions and Education Specialist effective March 14. In her new position, BranDee will work under the supervision of Doug Holen, the Foundation Seed Program manager. A brief overview of her duties include educating producers and the general public regarding MSU plant genetics and variety releases; developing MSU’s participation in the pulse industry statewide; and working with Montana seed growers, out of state seed growers, and MSU’s Technology Transfer Office to expand markets for our plant genetic portfolio.  For additonal information, please go to

January 1, 2023 - Increase in research fees
January 1, 2023 - Price increase in Foundation Seed Stock 

MSU Foundation Seed for new Variety Releases:
MTCash (MT20189) Forage winter wheat Fall 2023
MT Boy Howdy Feed barley Spring 2024
MT Endurance Malt barley  Spring 2024
MTCarlson (MT1939) Spring wheat  Spring 2024
MTDutton (MT1809) Spring wheat Spring 2024
MT 457 Greeen pea Spring 2024

For new variety release information, go to:

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