Cathy L. Cripps, editor
Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 89, 2004
Dedicated to Orson K. Miller, Jr.



Fungi in Forest Ecosystems is a compilation of research from around the globe that documents a diversity of fungi and the roles they play in forest health and function. Wherever forests flourish, fungi establish themselves as saprophytes that decompose wood, as mycorrhizal mutualists on roots, internal endophytes, epiphytic lichens, and parasites that attack living trees.

The intricacies of fungal form, function, interaction, evolutionary history and geographic distribution are brought to light for over 1500 taxa (17 new) of fungi, lichens, and myxomycetes. A series of 28 contributions on tropical, temperate deciduous, boreal coniferous forests, and the microsilve of the Arctic are presented. Taken as a whole, they elucidate the complexity of interaction fungi bring to forest systems.

This volume is dedicated to the eminent mycologist Orson K. Miller, Jr., author of Mushrooms of North America, and includes his life story, a list of his described taxa, and complete bibliography.


C. L. Cripps

Orson K. Miller, Jr.: Mycologist, researcher, and teacher 
 C. L. Cripps 

The Miller Lab: Students, postdocs, and visiting scientists  
New fungal names and combinations contributed by Orson K. Miller, Jr.  
     E. R.  Farr & D. F. Farr
A complete list of publications by Orson K, Miller, Jr.   
     compiled by C. L. Cripps & H. Miller 


Amanita, subgenus Lepidella and related taxa in the southeastern United States 
     R. P. Bhatt  & O. K.  Miller, Jr.
Two remarkable taxa of Crepidotus from Bonin Islands (Japan) and  new records from the Hawaiian Islands and Papua New Guinea

E. Horak & D. E. Desjardin 
Intercompatibility tests and phylogenetic analysis in the Crepidotus Sphaerula  group complex: Concordence between ICGs and nuclear 
rDNA sequences
 highlight phenotypic plasticity within Appalachian species
     M. C. Aime
New species of lignicolous basidiomycetes from Hawai`i 
     R. L. Gilbertson & D.E. Hemmes
Taxonomic and floristic notes on some larger Malaysian fungi  IV (Scleroderma)        R. Watling & K. Sims
The genus Entoloma (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales) on Svalbard
     M. Noordeloos & G. Gulden
Fungi of New Zealand’s subantarctic islands I: Two new species of Dacrymyces      H. H. Burdsall & G. A. Laursen

Cadophora hiberna 
 sp. nov. a winter-fruiting helotialean anamorph from wood of Robinia pseudoacacia and forest soil 
     G. F. Bills
 of the Dominican Republic
T. R. Armstrong & T. J. Baroni
Sect. Hygrocyboideae in the Mountains of the Dominican Republic
D. J. Lodge, B. A. Perry & D. E. Desjardin
Three new boletes for Costa Rica 
     R. E. Halling, M. Mata, G. M. Mueller


Subalpine conifer forests in the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, and the Altai:A comparison of their fungal populations
M. M. Moser  
Ectomycorrhizal epigeous basidiomycete diversity in Oregon Coast Range Pseudotsuga menziesii forests
preliminary observations
    Lorelei L. Norvell and Ronald L. Exeter
Biodiversity of wood-inhabiting fungi in Israeli pine forests
    D.L.L. Czederpiltz, K. Wikler, M.R. Rademacher, T.J. Volk, Y. Hadar, and J. Micales
Distribution and ecology of myxomycetes in southern Appalachian subalpine coniferous forests

S. L. Stephenson 
Macrolichens of the forests of Montana and Yellowstone and Glacier national parks 
     S. Eversman
Notes on fungi from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea 
     R. Treu


Increasing the nitrogen load reduces mycorrhization and alters elementconcentration in Norway spruce seedlings
I. Brunner   
Linking physiological and community ecology of ectomycorrhizae under nitrogen enrichment
    Gregory K. Eaton
Ectomycorrhizal fungi above and below ground in a small, isolated aspen stand: A simple system reveals fungal 
fruiting strategies and an edge effect 
C. L. Cripps
Fungal diversity and fruit body production in relatin to vegetation structure, topography, and soil properties in a
Quercus mongolica forest in central Korea
     K. J. Lee & H. Lee
Mycorrhizal associations in dryland riparian forests of the southwestern United States
     K. M. Jacobson
Diversity and role of ectomycorrhizal fungi on a revegetated mine site in southwest Virginia

R. Abler, A. B. Lawson, L. Shannon & O. K. Miller, Jr.    
Molecular phylogenetic evidence for the mycorrhizal status of Tremellodendron (Sebinaceae) 
     J. Walker
Biology and molecular ecology of subiculate Lactarius species from Guyana  
     S. L. Miller & T. W. Henkel
Extent of Phellinus pini decay in loblolly pines and red-cockaded  woodpeckercavity trees in eastern Texas

R. N. Conner, D. Saenz, D. C. Rudolph & R. Schaefer   
Pure culture and birch stick microcosm studies of  hydrolytic enzymes in Piptoporus  betulinus and Phellinus ignarius
R. K. Antibus & R. L. Sinsabaugh 
Temporal and spatial variation in the spore rain of Gymnopus subnudus measured by the spore trap method
    John (Jack) F. Murphy  

363 pgs


This volume was presented to Orson K. Miller, Jr. at a surprise dinner party during the 2004 MSA meeting at Asheville, NC. A cadre of Miller students, colleagues, and friends were on hand to roast and toast Orson, and you can see from his expression that he was thrilled. Below are some photos from the occasion we would like to share. Photos by Don Bachman.

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