Minutes and Committee Members

Proposed Action

Soft White Winter Wheat, Hyalite Hard White winter wheat, Rampart Hard Red Winter Wheat and Pryor Hard red winter wheat

Motion to remove from the Montana Winter Wheat Recommended Variety list.


Motion to add to Districts 5 and 6 of the Montana Winter Wheat Recommended list.


Motion to release as a Clearfield Spring Wheat for Dstricts 1-6 under dryland conditions.


Motion to release for District 1 with PVP Title V protection where the orange wheat blossom midge is a problem.

110WCF57, 111WCF57

Motion to release in Districts 1-4 and milder parts of District 5. Also, propose the name of Deer Lodge for 111WCF57.

Kuntz and AP604CL

Motion to remove Kuntz and AP604CL from the recommended variety list.