The MSU Foundation Seed program provides foundation seed to statewide producer partners, primarily from the university’s spring and winter wheat and barley breeding programs in addition to oats, safflower, peas and lentils. We are an extension of MSU’s breeding programs and strive to increase recommended varieties with the assurance of genetic purity and quality standards.

Seed varieties are developed based on the needs of Montana growers facing climate, pest and soil challenges in the diverse agro-ecosystems of the state. The university responds with varieties specifically bred and adapted to meet these challenges, initially released as MAES varieties in the foundation stage of production.

Freight on MSU Seed varieties is an additional expense organized through Wilbur Ellis, Old Dominion, FedEx and UPS. There is no freight charge on BPMC Seed varieties.

MFSP Application

Current application materials (digital or download) to the Montana Foundation Seed Program.

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MSU Seed Price List

2018 varieties and prices as determined by the Montana Foundation Seed Program.

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BPMC Seed Price List

2018 varieties and prices produced by the USDA-NRCS Bridger Plant Materials Center.

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MSU Research Fee

The Research Fee supports the direction and funding of future development.

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