How to package your sample:

Place seed into a tightly sealed container to prevent contamination.  Cloth bags, heavy-stock envelopes, and zip-lock bags will suffice.

To fill out your order form:

Click HERE, print, fill out form, and include with sample. 

Montana State University common seed sample size required:

4 oz or 1/4 lb small seeded legumes and grasses:  Alfalfa, clovers, timothy bluegrasses, etc.
  • Example:  Sandwich size bag filled or 1/2 quart

8 oz or 1/2 lb wheatgrass, ryegrass, bromegrass, flax, or seed of like size

  • Example:  Sandwich size bag filled or 1/2 quart

2 lbs cereals, safflower, field peas, lentils, and seed of like size

  • Example:  Gallon Ziploc bag mostly filled

Montana Seed Growers sample size required:

Alfalfa/Black Medic - 1/2 lb

Birdsfoot Trefoil - 1/2 lb

Canola & Cambe - 1 lb

Fourwing saltbush - 1 lb

Grass - 1/2 lb

Lentils - 1 1/2 lbs

Milkvetch - 1 lb

Peas - 3 lbs

Red and White Colver - 1/2 lb

Sainfoin - 3 lbs

Small Grains and Safflower - 3 lbs

Mail or deliver samples to:

Seed Lab address for United States Postal Service:
Montana State Seed Lab
PO Box 173145
Bozeman, MT 59717-3145

Seed Lab address for UPS and FedEx:
Montana State Seed Testing Lab
1911 West Lincoln Street
Marsh Labs; Room 40
Bozeman, MT 59718