cereal boothThe Montana State University Cereal Quality Laboratory (CQL) researches the end-use properties of cereal grains. Emphasis is on flour milling and bread-baking traits of hard red and hard white wheats. In addition, the growing interest in the use of hard white wheat for the Asian noodle market has instituted noodle quality evaluation. Effects of various environmental and genetic factors are determined. The CQL cooperates with wheat breeders, field technicians, research center scientists, and others to ensure that high quality wheats are released and recommended by the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station. Additionally, the CQL is valuable in assisting with the development of new markets for Montana wheats and other small grains.


Lab Personnel


  • Mike Giroux - Genetics/Small Grain Quality
  • Jack Martin - Quantitative Genetics
  • Phil Bruckner - Winter Wheat Breeder
  • Jason Cook - Spring Wheat Breeder

Cereal Quality Laboratory Manager

  • Deanna Nash

Research Assistants

  • Harvey TeSlaa
  • Jeanne Gripentrog

Laboratory Assistants

  • Nikolai Hanson
  • Ashley Nash
  • Gabby Drishinski