By subscriping to the WERA-97/WCC-97 listserver, you will be placed
on an automated mailing list which will forward all submitted
messages to the registered participants. This will allow you
to send items of interest to all members.

To add your name to the list, follow these instructions:

Subscription is a one-time task and is accomplished by sending an e-mail message to

The message must contain the following text on the first and only line of the message:

SUBSCRIBE WCC97 Firstname Lastname

There must be no other text in the body of the message; any
signature information that the mailer may automatically include
should be deleted or suppressed. The user's names should be
substituted for Firstname and Lastname. The subject line is
ignored by the list server. Please note that listserv is spelled
with no final "e".


Mail to:


The subscriber will receive a message confirming that the
subscription has been processed. The message will contain
instructions for posting to the list and signing off the list.


To send a message to the listserver, just email your message to


!!!---------Point to remember-------!!!

---- If you get a message from the list server and
you want to respond to it, clicking on reply will send your reply to
everyone on the list. If you want to reply to just the sender, enter
the address on the mailto: line in your Email program.

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