About Our Professors

Our faculty are personally interested in students’ careers!  The instructors are nationally and internationally renowned men and women who are tops in their fields.  All Crop Science majors are assigned Jack Martin as an advisor. Instructors for required PSPP classes for Crop Science majors include:

Jack Martin, Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1978

Research Interests: Application of quantitative genetic principles and methods in cultivar and germplasm development, including inheritance modes and type of gene action in economically important quantitative traits.

Phil Bruckner, Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 1985

Research Interests: Development of high-yielding winter wheat varieties that have good agronomic characteristics and resistance to disease and insect pests, are compatible with cultural practices, withstand environmental stresses and meet marketing requirements of Montana producers; plant breeding and genetics research related to variety development.

Mike Giroux, Ph.D., University of Florida, 1992

Research Interests: Molecular genetics adncereal chemistry of small grain quality; identifying the genetic and biochemical basis of end use quality aspects such as grain hardnes and starch quality; assessing the ability to improve wheat yield by increasing activity of endosperm specific starch biosynthesis enzymes; developmetn of selective molecular tests useful in screening wheat and barley germplasm for desired end-use quality.

Larry Holzworth, (adjunct instructor) Colorado State University, Fort Collins, 1972 B. S.  (Agronomy)

  • M.S. post-graduate work in Agronomy, University of Arizona, Tucson (no degree), 1975-76
  • Agronomist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, 1970-2007
  • Grew up on an irrigated crop & dairy farm.

Research interests: consultative and application assistance to land users on soil erosion control, pasture and hayland specie selection, plant culture, stand establishment and management,  rehabilitation/reclamation of drastically disturbed lands, grass/legume seed production, and general agronomy.