Luther Talbert

Luther Talbert, Professor, PhD. from University of Wisconsin, 1985.

Office: 406 Leon Johnson Hall
Lab: 419 Leon Johnson Hall

Office Phone: 406-994-5060
Lab Phone: 406-994-4899

Fax: 406-994-1848
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Plant breeding and molecular genetics emphasizing incorporation of both traditional and molecular approaches in the improvement of wheat.


Primary responsibility is the development of spring wheat varieties for Montana farmers. Research program focuses on experiments related to the genetic improvement of wheat. Teaching responsibilities include BIOB 377 (Practical Genetics), BIOB 375 (General Genetics) and BIOB 160 (Principles of Living Systems)


  • B.S. Crop Science North Carolina State University 1980
  • M.S. Crop Science North Carolina State University 1982
  • Ph.D. Pl. Breeding and Genetics University of Wisconsin 1985


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Crop Science Society of America


  • Technical Editor, Crop Science (2009-2011)
  • Development of Spring Wheat Varieties (Montana Wheat and Barley Committee and MAES)
  • Improving Wheat and Barley for a Changing Climate (USDA-AFRI Project)
  • Genetics of Wheat Stem Sawfly Resistance (USDA-AFRI Project)
  • Training Plant Breeders for the 21st Century (USDA National Needs Project)
  • Hard White Wheat Development (Montana Board of Research and Commercialization)


  • National Wheat Improvement Committee


  • BIOB 375 (General Genetics)
  • BIOB 160 (Principles of Living Systems)
  • BIOB 377 (Practical Genetics)


Refereed Journals

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