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Jamie Sherman, Assistant Professor, PhD from Colorado State University, 1994.

Office: 210 Plant BioScience Building
Lab: 231 Plant BioScience Building

Fax: 406-994-5055

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Research in wheat genetics – identifying genes of interest in wheat, utilizing these genes for wheat improvement, contributing to basic information about genome sturcture, evolution and gene regulation. Write grants to fund research and equipment needs. Mentor and aid students and other professionals. Provide cytological technical assistance. Provide technical assistance for new LiCor system (AFLPs, DNA sequencing, Westerns Northerns and Southerns).


  • B.S Stephen F. Austin State University 1982
  • M.S. Stephen F. Austin State University 1984
  • Ph.D. Colorado State University 1994


  • Sigma Xi
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Society of Canada


Refereed Journals

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Book Chapters

Stack, S.M., J.D. Sherman, L.K. Anderson, and L.S. Herickhoff. 1993. Meiotic nodules in vascular plants. in: Chromosomes Today vol 11. Chapman and Hall, New York. p.

Current Programs


  • Four genes of interest into six currently used wheat cultivars with molecular marker assisted selection
  • Identifying other genes of interest and developing molecular markers
  • Studying genetic control over flowering and identifying genes involved
  • Studying DNA methylation in relationship to vernalization, polyploidization and yield
  • Determining if there is hybridization between certain native and introduced species