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Adam Richman

Adam Richman

Adam Richman Associate Professor, PhD from University of California, San Diego 1992

Office: 313 Plant BioScience Building
Lab: 339 Plant BioScience Building

Office Phone: 406-994-7750

Fax: 406-994-7600
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Population and evolutionary genetics of self-recognition systems, island biogeography, evolutionary community ecology.


Population geneticist; Research in the evolutionary genetics of self-recognition; Teaching BIOL 301 (Genetics) and BIOL 501 (Evolutionary and Population Genetics).


  • Ph.D. Biology, University of California, San Diego 1991
  • B.A. Biology, University of California, San Diego 1985


  • Society for the Study of Evolution
  • American Genetics Association


  • 1998-2001, National Science Foundation,“Evolutionary Genetics of Self-Recognition Systems”, $300,000.


  • BIOL 301: Genetics (alternate years)
  • BIOL 501: Evolutionary and Population Genetics (alternate years)


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Evolutionary genetics of the MHC in Peromyscus


Undergraduate and graduate genetics