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Tracy Dougher, Professor, PhD. from Utah State University, 1999.

Office: 230C Linfield Hall
Office Phone:406-994-6772

Fax: 406-994-1848
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Native Perennials: Evaluation of seed germination protocols for Montana natives Penstemon eriantherus, Phacelia hastata, and Sphaeralcea coccinea.
Native Trees: Baseline hormone and temperature response curves for rooting of harwood and softwood cuttings of bur oak accessions evaluated and selected for windbreak properties. Testing of novel methods of asexual propagation such as etiolation and banding and altering of tissue formation by manipulating light quality.
Native Grasses: Evaluation of Native Grasses for Turfgrass Applications for the Intermountain West, species water requirements. Also evaluation of California native grasses for highway revegetation in sensitive areas.




  • 2005 Hort Club Teaching Award
  • 2005 NACTA Teaching Award of Merit
  • 2005 NCR101 - Webmaster
  • 2005 Organized ASHS Controlled Envrionment Working Group Workshop on Medicinals in Controlled Environments
  • 2005 MSU Teaching/Learning Network - Group 1, Coordinator
  • 2004 MSU Alumni Association and Bozeman Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence


  • ASHS Controlled Environment Working Group, Chair
  • ASHS Membership Committee
  • Department Graduate Studies Committee, Chair
  • MAES Variety Release Horticulture Committee


  • B.S. 40
  • M.S. 2
  • Ph.D.


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  • C.L. Moore, M.S. Thesis (2003) Asexual propagation of bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) Michaux
  • Dougher, T.A.O., C.L. Moore, and R.E. Gough (2003) Effect of Light Quality on the Growth of Lettuce in Low Light. Proc. XXVI Inter. Hort. Cong. – Environmental Stress. Acta Horticultura 618:183-192.
  • R.E. Gough and T.A.O. Dougher (2003) Tree and shrub grower’s guide: a handbook for the culture of Montana landscape plants. Montana State Univ. Coop. Ext. Serv. EB162. 63 pages.
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